Building A Data Science Team – Chasing Unicorns

In my conversations with companies looking to hire data scientists, I hear a recurring theme – “It’s so hard to find the right combination of industry background¬†and technical chops.” Or. “We found the perfect fit. But there was no way we could match what Google / Facebook was offering, so we lost out. How do we build an effective team when the competition is so white hot?”

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Building A Data Science Team – How to Hire The Right People

If you follow popular data science sites, you’ll notice an amusing trend. What do you think was the most popular post on KDnuggets in January? It wasn’t about the latest deep learning tools, or about Google’s recently released TensorFlow. It was: “20 Questions to Detect Fake Data Scientists”! The post clearly hit a nerve – I’ve seen similar questions crop up on many other forums. If you read some of the responses, you’ll see that people get very worked up about what makes a “real data scientist”. Continue reading